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Information Security and Computer Fraud discussion

I’m working on a Accounting exercise and need support.

Write 250 words on Information Security and Computer Fraud discussion and three take aways from an article you choose. Try to link it somehow to accounting.

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I found an article reporting on massive investments made recently by Alphabet (better known as Google) and Salesforce in business analytics software. This is largely seen as the tech behemoths stepping up to the plate to reach their potential in the world of tackling big data. In particular, Saleforce is set to purchase Tableau Software, which we read about extensively in chapter 9, for $15.7 Billion. Contrarily, Alphabet is purchasing Looker, a smaller business analytics startup. It is believed that these deals seek to greatly improve the two companies’ cloud business entities in a better position to lead the push in business data analytics. The article points out that this is likely just the beginning of massive investments in data analytics we will certainly see in the near future. Some of the major takeaways are as follows:

1. With these giant companies taking a big leap to invest in data analytics, many more will follow suit to stay competitive, which will push the evolution of business analytics in the future. This can be seen as an attempt to ‘catch up’ with Microsoft, who has been the recognized leader of the cloud realm for some time.

2. Specifically with Salesforce purchasing Tableau, Salesforce will look to integrate business analytics across all of it’s reach, including many various industries and products. This is an extremely large amount of data, which explains why they would invest so heavily, but will ultimately result in better CRM, marketing and sales, and specific relationships with customers.

3. The article quotes Boris Evelson, an analyst from Forrester Research, as saying that the business-intelligence market is becoming ‘very mature’ and increasingly commoditized. Business analytics is quickly becoming less of a fringe market and more something that companies of all kinds will need to rely on simply to remain relevant.

My question is do you think that as this segment continues to evolve, that companies (at least the biggest tech companies) will soon be producing their own data analytics softwares completely in-house instead of buying and or paying for analytical services.

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