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Is it a problem for ben to keep losing and regaining weight


Directions: Read the case studies below.  Then answer the questions.  Please ensure that your responses are at least 4 to 6 sentences in length.  Please cite any resources referenced using APA format.  Please visit the Academic Resource Center for APA format and citation help.

Case Study #1

Ben is really good at losing weight.  Four different times, he has lost between 10 and 30 lbs!  He usually maintains the weight loss for a few weeks or months, but then something happens – the holidays hit, or he gets too busy to exercise, or he has something difficult happen in his personal life, that makes him start gaining weight again.  He figures this really is not a problem – he knows he can start dieting and lose the weight again once he gets motivated again.

1. Is it a problem for Ben to keep losing and regaining weight?  If so, why?

2. What would you recommend to Ben?

Case Study #2

At 14, Gina is alarmed by how her body is changing.  She has always been bigger than most of her friends, but she seems to have gained a lot of weight around her abdomen in the past year.  At her last medical examination, her doctor commented that she should try to lose weight.  Her parents both work, so most days she is home alone for a couple of hours after school.  Her neighborhood is not very safe, so she usually stays indoors and does homework or chats with friends online.  She usually snacks on granola bars, pretzels, and soda while she waits for her parents to come home and cook dinner.  Gina is thinking that she would like to lose a significant amount of weight before she starts high school in 5 months.

1. What would you tell Gina about her desire to lose weight before starting high school.

2. What types of changes would you recommend to Gina?

Case Study #3

Rose is 33 years old and likes her job as a claims adjuster.  She has gained about 20 lbs. since she graduated from college, but she thinks that it is probably normal.  She likes eating out and is very glad she can now afford to do so 2 or 3 times a week.  She never really enjoyed going to the gym or bike riding and generally enjoys sedentary hobbies like reading, playing board games, and watching movies.  At her last physical, her blood pressure was 155/98 mm Hg.  Her doctor prescribed blood pressure lowering medication, but recommended that she start to exercise regularly and try to lose some weight.  Rose likes her current lifestyle and would rather just take the medication to keep her blood pressure under control.

1. Why would it be a good idea for Rose to exercise and modify her eating habits, rather than simply taking the medication?

2. Since Rose is not very motivated to make lifestyle and behavioral changes, what suggestions would you make to her?

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