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Marcus Garvey: The Basics

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Marcus Garvey: The Basics

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“Up, Up You Mighty Race and Accomplish What You Will!”

Use your textbook and notes to define and answer the following:

Key Terms: UNIA, The Negro World, self-determination, League of Nations, Universal African Legion, Universal Black Cross Nurses, Black Steamship Line,

  • Briefly explain Marcus Garvey and the UNIA?
  • When and where was the UNIA founded and where was its headquarters?
  • Why did Garvey found the UNIA? Also where was Garvey from originally?
  • What was Garvey’s occupation before founding the UNIA and what did he discover when he traveled around the world?
  • What book did Garvey read that inspired him to create the UNIA?
  • What was The Negro World and what was its purpose?
  • Briefly explain:
  • Explain Garvey’s concept of the Green, Black and Red flag.
  • How large was the UNIA in terms of chapters and membership? (Also, how much money did Garvey raise? What was the purpose of the fundraiser?
  • What did the federal government do to Garvey? Why (your opinion)
  • Are there any aspects of Marcus Garvey’s philosophy that are relevant to today’s world for African Americans?
  • Black Nationalism (also give three examples)
  • Pan-Africanism

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