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Instructions: Please complete the assignment in APA format. Each question has they own instructions. A total of four outside references. Four assignment
For Example: Question:XYZ
Case: USA Today Case study on (Page 313
As the entire newspaper industry sits on the brink of collapse, Gannett and USA Today work to avoid disaster and transform the nation’s most read newspaper into tomorrow’s best resource for news and information. In the face of continual competition across a variety of media sources, the future of USA Today depends on its ability to continually push the envelope of innovation and offer value-added, proprietary content to ensure continued differentiation and the future of the USA Today brand
1. What opportunities and challenges in today’s economy have affected and are still affecting USA Today? (300 or more words before references) 2 outside references
2. How has USA Today been able to differentiate itself and stay away from the commodity status of most news sources? (300 or more words before references) 2 outside references
3. As the Chief Marketing Officer for USA Today, your boss asks you to develop a plan that allows readers to fully customize their online newspaper and have audio/video content automatically sent to their mobile devices. How would you go about developing a strategy to achieve this goal?(300 or more words before references) 2 outside references
Case: Mattel Case Study (Page 371)
As a global leader in toy manufacturing and marketing, Mattel faces a number of potential threats to its ongoing operations including tough competition, changing consumer preferences and lifestyles, lawsuits, product liability issues, global sourcing, and declining sales. The case addresses Mattel’s social responsibility imperative along with the company’s reactions to its challenges and its prospects for the future.
4. What environmental issues are responsible for Barbie’s declining sales? How have these issues also affected other parts of Mattel’s product portfolio? (300 or more word count before reference) 2 outside references
5. Although Mattel conducts strategic planning from a customer point of view, the company still suffered from a serious product recall issue. Why does customer-focused strategic planning not always prevent issues like this from occurring? (300 or more word count before references) 2 outside references
6. Assume you are the marketing director for one of Mattel’s core brands. Upper management is interested in exploring more technologically advanced and interactive toys within your core brand. How would you approach this process? How will Mattel’s past failures with interactive toys cloud your decision-making process? (300 or more word count before reference) 2 outside references
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Marketing Management

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●All assignments are to be submitted on 22nd July 2019 to and cc to

● If assignment is not submitted on date, will follow with penalty of 10% deduction of marks for every day.

●Similarity between students work is strictly not accepted, any student found with similar work will be graded Zero and fail for the course. However, Plagiarism is an academic offence and will not be tolerated under SBS

●Assignment once submitted to exam board is final for marking.


1. If assignment is Question & Answer based then.

Introduction is needed for each question.

Question has to be answered based on the mark allotted for each question with references if any idea or information is taken from other source.

2. If assignment is case based then,

Executive summary

Table of content

Body of assignment (questions related to case need to be answered)

Conclusion / Recommendation if any

References (in-text + citation) to be used.

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