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Can you help me understand this WordPress question?


I have to write a Strategic Communications Plan about volunteering and its on a group called Jackson Park Ministries that’s located in Charlotte, NC. I’m in need of help with a literature review, method, and research question questions . Listed below are the key points to research:

non-profit organizations,

volunteering through churches,

pro and cons

Culture of church may be issue

church volunteer ship is changing,

volunteering in general

What are the main issues for people volunteering?

I have also attached an example paper that was provided to me on volunteering.


Jackson Park Ministry is an organization that has been in the Charlotte, North Carolina area since 1985. The organization strives in bettering the lives of Mecklenburg county residents by providing housing, after school and summer camp, a food pantry and clothing closet to those in need. The organization is in need of volunteers considering the amount of service they provide and the area they cover. The organization needs a new communication strategy that will increase its numbers in volunteers as well as use the strategy as capital in maintaining consistency in the numbers of volunteers. The campaign strategy will target:

ØInconsistent volunteers

ØConsistent volunteers

ØMecklenburg country and surrounding area residents who have a desire to make a difference in the community.

In order for this campaign to be successful, it is imperative that an analysis of the organizations image and the role of image in relationship to their volunteers. Assessing the brands situation from an inward perspective through the lens theorist Ervin Goffman’s Impression Analysis Theory will be utilized. By taking this step an invigorating and successful campaign can be utilized to increase the numbers in volunteers and keep the consistency in volunteers as well.

To achieve this goal, this strategic communication plan is as follows:

ØPast and Current State Analysis

ØMarket Impacts

ØSuggested Strategies

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As Charlotte continues to grow in population, it is now the largest city of North Carolina. As of 2017, there are 1, 476 homeless in Mecklenburg county. Although there has been a decrease in homelessness from 2016 this is still an issue for a city that is recognized as a one of top 25 best affordable places to live in the United States according to US News. We want to continue to decrease in numbers in the amount of homeless people that in the are and we also want to make people aware that if you are need of something then there is a place that you can lean on. Jackson Parks Ministry mission is:

“a hand up, not a hand out.”

Because this organization has a desire to transform lives but does not have a plan to do so; this strategic communication plan will serve as a guide to ensure the fulfillment of the mission.

As stated, For Jackson Park Ministries to effectively implement a communication strategy that increases its numbers in volunteers, it must identify the audience being targeted, and identify the best methods for communicating to that audience.

ØInconsistent volunteers

ØConsistent volunteers

ØMecklenburg country and surrounding area residents who have a desire to make a difference in the community.

Motivate Inconsistent Members

Everything that is done for the community is done through volunteers at the organization. Majority of the volunteers are residents of Mecklenburg County. Charlotte in general is the largest city in population in North Carolina. This tells us that there is more than enough people in the city or county that can help and make a difference but there is an issue with keeping volunteers for the organization. Through personal research speaking with speaking with a few volunteers, the majority

stated most of the non-consistent volunteers are that way because of how the structure has changed for the organization. They are not appealed to how this new structure is. Majority of those non-consistent volunteers love the work that is being done for the community but they do not like the steps the organization takes as a whole.

At one point the volunteers would have many meetings and there would be days dedicated to the volunteers as appreciation where they were able to make suggestions as to what they would like. There would be opportunity where they could voice their opinions as to what events should take place or ways to improve the organization. Some of those non-consistent volunteers believe the reason why the organization doesn’t have many volunteers is because of the structure. Some remain consistent because of the cause while others look at everything all together and step back.

Reclaiming these particular volunteers can be challenging but there is opportunities. The structure has changed and although there can be some tweaking done to the structure, in time the structure may change again due to the current situation so these members need to know that adaption is an important sector for the organization. Their opinions and concerns are very important because volunteers is what moves the organization and therefor something should also be put in place so that they feel heard and valued.

Keeping consistency

The consistent volunteers have shown their strength, dedication, and love for god. They have been able to adapt through the change of structure and has understood the importance of being consistence for the betterment of the people. This group has a better leadership and passion for not only the organization but the community as well and will more than likely stay consistent because they believe and admire Jackson Park Ministries Mission. A challenge but room for opportunity with this group is that it is comprised with both older and younger volunteers. With the structure changing because of the different sources of media being created. The members feel as though they are not aware of everything. Older volunteers who have been around for years are more into going to meetings and having notices sent via mail. As of now there are fewer meeting and majority of outreach in information is done online. The older volunteers love the incentives that are given because it satisfies their likes. The younger volunteers feel as though those to avenue of reaching and informing are great but they are not too fond with incentives that are given. They feel it is more appealing to the older crowd.

There is diversity in demographics for the volunteers which can be problematic to appeal to everyone’s desires. A creation in different teams that will focus solely on one or two demographic may be a fix for this. Some groups can send out information that appeals to different groups and incentives may be voted on or drawn from.

We Need You

As time has shown, it has been very difficult for the organization to increase their numbers in volunteers. This aspect is very important because will time changing in the economy and with people, obtaining more volunteers would benefit the organization. Possible volunteers would still reside in or around the Mecklenburg County area and surrounding areas.

As we know, Jackson Park Ministries is not known by many and that is the first step; making possible volunteers aware of the organization and also finding what appeals to the audience. Some people would love to make a difference and be a part of something and some would like incentives to showcase their hard work and dedication. Therefore, finding what kind of incentives appeals to the new audience as well.

Reaching out and appealing to this group may be difficult. Since people are not even aware that Jackson Park Ministries exist, it is imperative for the group to make themselves known to the audience and discover their likes and dislikes. Then, since the organization doesn’t reach out via mail anymore there will have to be more face to face interaction where volunteers would have to go to them.

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