Midterm Exam – Part I

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Midterm Exam – Part I

1. ​(5 points)
​​Based on Chapter 5: Management Strategies, describe each of the three Management Strategies.

2.​​(10 points)
​​​Based on the strategies discussed above:​
a.​How do you believe that unions (Labor Relations Strategies) would react to each of the strategies discussed in Question #1 above? Explain
b.​What do you believe would be the best management strategy in today’s business environment? Provide a well-thought out argument to support your point of view.

3.​(5 points)​
​Based on Week Three Video Lecture, summarize each of the following: the Employee Free Choice Act, the Mandatory Secret Ballot Protection Act and the recent resolutions and rulings by the NLRB (see Week Three video).

4.​(10 points)
​Discuss the pros and cons of each piece of pending legislation and the rulings that you discussed in Question #3. How would you vote on each of these? Give well-thought-out reasons.

5.​​(20 points)
​​It is very important in your role of HR director that you respond appropriately to a union organizing drive. You will read each of the four scenarios found on pages 227-228 (“HR Strategy Responding to a Union Organizing Drive”) in your textbook. Then, you will do the following in response to each scenario based on what you have learned in Chapter 6 (Be sure to address each scenario separately:

​a.​Outline your various alternatives in responding to the union organizing drive for each scenario.
b.​After outlining alternative for each, develop and support a specific recommended course of action for each of the four scenarios to present to upper management. Use what you learned in Chapter 6 as support for your recommendation.

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