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I need support with this Management question so I can learn better.

1. (9 points) Create an MS Project schedule for the project shown in Figure 11.3. Print a legible network diagram from Project on a full page in landscape format. Include critical and non-critical tasks. Include a legend. Format the nodes like this:








2. (9 points) For the schedule that you created in question 1, make the project start date July 5th. Print an initial owner’s bar chart prior to work starting. Follow the format in Figure 22.20 except add columns for “Planned Start” and “Planned Finish.” Make sure that the bar chart shows a summary task “Warehouse,” late start/finish, task names, and no float.

3. (9 points) Create a linear bar chart for the project shown in Figure 12.14 using Excel. Include a start-to-start lag of 5 days between each floor. Plan to work 5 days/week. There are no other holidays. Make the project start on July 5th 2019 and update progress to show the project two days behind schedule as of July 23rd. Shade completed tasks to show progress on the linear bar chart. Include a legend that explains how you are showing float, progress, etc.

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