Patrol Allocation and Deployment

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Patrol Allocation and Deployment

1. Is random preventive patrol effective at deterring crime and apprehending offenders? Why or why not? Would you expect random patrol to be more effective with only certain types of crimes (such as street crimes, property versus personal crimes, etc)? Would you expect random preventive patrol to be less effective with other types of crimes? For what types of crimes might it be most effective? Explain your answer.

2. You are responsible for determining how your department conducts patrol. How would you set up patrol to make it more effective and efficient? In other words, how would you structure patrol so it would be effective? Make sure you discuss what you would do with patrol officers and tasks and why you would set it up a certain way. Make sure you use the readings to support your positions/arguments about how you would structure patrol in your department to make it more effective, efficient and to carry out all patrol tasks and objectives.

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