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Help me study for my Business class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Learning Activities #1

Think about what you most value. For each of the ethical dilemmas below, describe at least two courses of action you might take and state the pros and cons of each course.


You’re a trader who joined a large investment bank two years ago. Pat, one of your fellow traders, is well known on the Street for being a big risk taker and a big money maker for the firm. Consequently, he is popular among your firm’s senior management. You see him at a party one night and notice that he surreptitiously used cocaineseveral times. Several weeks later in the office, you notice that he seems exceptionally high-spirited and that his pupils are extremely dilated—you know that both are signs of drug use. You’re thinking of mentioning something about it to his managing director, Bob, when Pat makes a particularly impressive killing in the market for yourfirm’s own account. Bob jokes that he doesn’t know how Pat does it, but he doesn’t care. ‘‘However he is pulling this off, it’s great for the firm,’’ Bob laughs. You feel strongly that this is a problem and that it places your firm at risk. You’ve already raised the issue to Pat’s manager, Bob, who ignored the issue. Do you raise it further?How can you voice your values in this case?


Your division has formed a committee of employees to examine suggestions and create a strategy for how to reward good employee ideas. The committee has five members, but you are the only one who is a member of a minority group. You’re pleased to be part of this effort since appointments to committees such as this one are viewed generally as a positive reflection on job performance. At the first meeting, tasks are assigned, and all the other committee members think you should survey minority members for their input. Over the next few weeks, you discover that several committee meetings have been held without your knowledge. When you askwhy you weren’t notified, two committee members tell you that survey information wasn’t needed at the meetings and you’d be notified when a general meeting was scheduled. When you visit one committee member in his office, you spot a report on the suggestion program that you’ve never seen before. When you ask about it, he says it’s just a draft he and two others have produced.

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