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Probation Situation 4





Situation 4

Sarah’s situation is very tricky because as a probation officer you should report this matter to Mr. Childers. On the other hand, since Sarah has accepted and confessed her mistakes it is tempting to feel merciful and give her another opportunity. This is because she is a good performer academically and it would be unfair to take this opportunity away from her. I would tell Mr Childers to investigate Sarah’s background but I would not tell him the reason (Elrod & Ryder, 2011). It is quite evident that some children become deliquescent because they are having problems at home. For instance, parents are fighting at home, parents are divorced, poverty, mistreatment from parents, or drug abuse by parents. This might affect a child psychologically and socially making her to engage in bad behavior. Most are the times when we accuse the child yet the problem starts at home. It is therefore important to investigate thoroughly before punishing a child. Another reason that makes children indulge in bad behavior is peer pressure. This is because they still want to maintain their friendship thus; they end up doing what they are told by their friends.

As a probation internship, I would handle Sarah’s case very discreetly before taking the matter to Mr Childers. I would take it to be my responsibility to talk to Sarah and counsel her so that she can open up and tell me her problems (Elrod & Ryder, 2011). This will enable me to choose the correct remedy for dealing with the problem. It is quite evident that his father is neglecting Sarah or they are divorced with her mother. This is why Sarah is seeking attention from old men in the bar because she misses a sense of loving from the father. It is therefore important to cancel her and talk to her by putting sense into her and telling her that is not the right way to deal with her problems.

This is the reason why I would not directly report Sarah to Mr. Childers is because she would be sent to juvenile custody immediately. Since she is a good performer academically, I find it fair to give her another chance because she accepts and confesses her mistakes. Before making this decision, I must investigate her because she might be lying.

Situation 5

Driving under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and a crime. Many youths find it fun to party and drive while drunk yet this puts their lives in danger. I would forgive the person who hit us because I can also do the same mistake (Terril, 2012). Since he did not do it intentionally, I would forgive him so that he can have peace of mind. When it comes too prosecution, there is nothing much I can do because that is a criminal offence and he must pay for his mistakes. I find it fair for the court to punish him so that he can be an example to others. This is because many youths have a habit of driving under the influence of alcohol yet they know they are putting their lives in danger. If the individuals had committed a similar crime, I would ask the court to punish him severely because he never learnt from his past mistakes. In case a person died in the accident, he should heavily compensate the family of the deceased.


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