Problem Statement-Child Abuse and Neglect

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Problem Statement-Child Abuse and Neglect

Problem Statement-Child Abuse and Neglect

Maria Moya

John Jay College For Criminal Justice

March 14, 2021

AFR 325

Professor Down Daniels

Also known as maltreatment, child abuse is the physical or sexual molestation of a child. Because of how rampant the practice is becoming,Incidents of child abuse are high, and it is becoming increasingly important for parents to understand and lessen the risks of abuse for their children. Parents can do this by familiarizing themselves with the most reported signs of child abuse and neglect. Every year, there are approximately 4 million reports of child abuse involving about 7 million children (Gonzalez, Mirabal, & McCall, 2021). There is a substantial overlap in abused children with a combination of many others suffering sexual abuse, physical abuse, and/or neglect.

Child abuse and neglect is a problem affecting the children population. As regards theThe most impacted population, 25% of victims of child abuse are those that are below the age of three. Noteworthy, babies that are less than one-year old account for the highest cases of child abuse and neglect. The children themselves that are suffering at the hands of their abusers and society by extension would benefit from having the problem of child abuse resolved. Child abusive abuse robs society of its future by causing emotional and physical trauma to children. Children that come from abusive backgrounds are at an increased risk of suffering silently since child abuse takes place in a family setting. Some of the risk factors linked with the condition include parental depression and other mental issues, a parental history of childhood neglect or abuse, and parental domestic violence and substance abuse.

In contemporary America, child abuse and neglect is a social problem that has been caused by various factors. Undoubtedly, child abuse is an attitude as well as a resources problem. This is because looking at the factors that are likely to lead to child abuse is a combination of life problems caused by a lack of adversities resources such as money. Some of the reasons why parents tend to turn against their children and molest them physically and emotionally is that they are projecting their problems to them. There might also be a history of abuse in the family. Overcoming this problem requires attitude change and massive parental education. Children should not have to worry about being abused in their life. They should be protected at all costs hence the need to put an end to this epidemic of child abuse and neglect once and for all.

Recent research points to various causes of child abuse and neglect, including poor parenting skills, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, untreated mental illness, stress, and absence of support. In my viewpoint, the most significant cause that contributes to this problem has to beOne of the contributing factors that can possibly be connected to child abuse are untreated mental conditions. With all the things going on in the world right now, ranging from inflation, disease, and war, parents are likely to suffer from problems that affect their parenting skills. Depression and anxiety can take a toll on a person if they do not have a support system. Parental coaching and the provision of free psychosocial services should be made a priority as it has the potential to help address the problem of child abuse in society. This is the surest way to change parental attitudes and offer help to the children that need it most.

As regards the goals for the long term, tThe goal is to eliminate all cases of child abuse and neglect in society by focusing on intervention strategies that will promote awareness about the issue and foster social change. Offering mental health services to the victims is another long-term goal. Seeing that abused children suffer emotional damage, they need support to help manage the stress and learn new skills to make them resilient and successful (Zeanah & Humphreys, 2018). The best strategy to address child abuse and neglect is to set up support groups for the parents through existing community organizations. This first step to doing away with the isolation and frustration parents has to contend with within their homes. Parents that went through abuse as children also need proper support as dealing with past emotional parental trauma takes courage. Child abuse and neglect are reoccurring, growing, and challenging problems in the United States. Neglect and abuse are the same; however, there is one significant difference between both. While the damage is not intended in the cases of neglect, it is intended in instances of abuse. The bigger picture of child abuse and neglect is the underreporting of these cases. Without determining the number of children being abused and neglected, there is no way to prevent the dreadful consequences of child abuse and neglect for every child.


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