Projected climate change in the UAE

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Projected climate change in the UAE

Task: Prepare a written report on projected climate change in the UAE, its implications for sustainable development and the strategic initiatives being taken.

The report should outline and describe the main global climate processes,
projected future climate changes for the UAE (United Arab Emirates) region and what sustainability strategies are being implemented to address these potential future climate changes. Reference should be given to current Government level strategies and standards.

Written Report
The written report should be 1,500 words ( or – 10%) and should have the following section structure:
• Introduction
• Global climate processes (<link is hidden> greenhouse effect, sources of greenhouse gas emissions & impacts on global average temperature over time)
• Future climate changes in the UAE region (<link is hidden> future projections of temperature changes, storms, etc. for the UAE region)
• UAE sustainability strategies (<link is hidden> energy policies, green building regulations, transport strategies, sustainability)
• References
References should also be given for any data and images used in the report.

(UAE refers to United Arab Emirates)

The criteria that should be considered include:
• Clarity and relevance of content.
• Technical and conceptual accuracy and depth.
• Critical reflection of climate change impacts and initiatives.
• Referencing.

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