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Psychology Human Sexuality

Describe how the media influences and reflects sexuality today with examples of how the influences of television and music have changed over time to both reflect and alter attitudes toward sexual behavior.

If you were a sex researcher today, what topics would you want to explore? In your opinion, are there any issues or topics in sex research that you believe should not be studied (because they are too controversial or too problematic to study)? What issues (if any) do you believe should not be studied and why?

Discuss the factors, including cultural factors, that may inform a woman’s decision to undergo a breast enhancement surgery. What role, if any, do media (including pornography) play in shaping a woman’s self-image?

Explain why penis size has historically been so important, and how it has affected men’s masculinity and/or self-image. What role, if any, does the media play in a man’s self-image regarding penis size? Is this a form of ‘body-shaming’?

How has our scientific and social understanding of gender changed in recent years? What are some of the main forces that have contributed to this change? Do you think our understanding will continue to evolve over time?

It has been said that women enjoy hugging and touching more than intercourse, whereas men enjoy intercourse more. Do you believe this statement reflects a genuine difference between the sexes? If so, is it learned, cultural or biologically determined?

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