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I need an explanation for this Social Science question to help me study.

response to the this discussion:(need 150-300words)

My ideal world with a low level of stress would be designed to make sure that I was successful and happy. Two things that would exist in my perfect world is a job where I make enough money in an enjoyable manner to be comfortable while being able to provide for my children, and keeping the relationships for the people I love and care about. I want to accomplish the first by being a doctor, and I want to accomplish the second by being able to hang out with my friends and having fun get togethers at my place. My top two stressors are finances and my academic performance. As a college student, it is not uncommon to see both of these stressors. As an engineer and a premedical student, it is very tough for me to balance my academic rigor and sometimes I lose hope. In addition, it is very expensive for me to go to college, so I must use my money very sparingly to make sure that I can provide for my self. I think that if my stressors were decreased or eliminated, my perfect world would not exist. Without the stress and motivation I have to succeed, I would not be able to accomplish my goals in life. I definitely see a strong correlation between my stressors and my perfect world. I have a lot of stress to try to create a good and easy life for myself. Nothing good is obtained without hard work.

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