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QHQ” method of response

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QHQ” method of response

“Why does the discussion of racism in this text bother me so much?” One thing I have realized is that approaching the subject of racism might not be easy. It can create concern, compassion, and empathy as much as it can stir hostility, defensiveness, anger, and an extensive host of reactions that lie alongside this range. When we deal with racism differently according to our lived familiarities, critical consciousness and self-awareness position in our stratified society.

In response to the question on the reason why the discussion of racism bothers me so much, beginning constructive conversations on the issue of racism and inequality can be somehow intimidating, irrespective of the audience. It can be impossible when the audience is young children. Several wrongs in history were made right when individuals overpowered their discomfort and spoke up about the issues of racism. Silence and comfort would never have been a solution. It is sometimes better to engage in the discussion of racism and avoid being bothered by it. Black individuals require to be able to express themselves, and non-black people should just listen and have some understanding. We should never become comfortable with racism. We need to be able to ask difficult questions about this concern.

I’m a White individual who wants to help combat racism. Where do I start? Individuals of color usually organize for their lives and defend their communities, and they have often been forced to perform a number of emotional work for white individuals. We need not put a burden on black individuals.

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