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Instructions: Please critique the research article of your choice by addressing the following questions. It MUST be a qualitative article in a top public health journal. Carefully review the sampling design.

Writing Style

Is the article well written (concise, grammatically correct, avoids the use of jargon)? Is it well laid out and organized?

Report Title

Is the title clear, accurate, and unambiguous?


Does the abstract offer a clear overview of the study, including the research problem, Sample, methodology, findings, and recommendations?

Statement of the Phenomenon of Interest

Is the Phenomenon to be studied clearly identified?

Are the phenomenon of interest and the research question consistent?

Purpose/Significance of the Study

Is the purpose of the study/research question clearly identified?

Literature Review

Has a literature review been undertaken?

Does it meet the philosophical underpinnings of the study? Does the review of the literature fulfill its objectives?

Theoretical Framework

Has a conceptual or theoretical framework been identified? Is the framework adequately described?

Is the framework appropriate?

Method and Philosophical Underpinnings

Has the philosophical approach been identified? Why was this approach chosen?

Have the philosophical underpinnings of the approach been explained? Was the research conducted by an individual or a research team?


Is the sampling method and sample size identified? Was it convenience or purposive sampling?

Is the sampling method appropriate?

Were the participants suitable for informing research? Were the demographics of the participants described?

Ethical Considerations

Were the participants fully informed about the nature of the research? Was the autonomy/confidentiality of the participants guaranteed?

Were the participants protected from harm? Was ethical permission granted for the study?

Data Collection/Data Analysis

Are the data collection strategies described? Are the strategies to analyze the data described?

Did the researcher follow the steps of the data analysis method identified?

If there was a research team, was the data analysis initially conducted independently? Were outside experts consulted in the data analysis process?

Were participants consulted on the interpretation of the data? Was data saturation achieved?

Were quantities provided when the qualitative researcher(s) discuss quantitative matters?


Does the researcher discuss how rigor was assured?

Were credibility, dependability, transferability, and goodness discussed?


Are the findings presented appropriately?

Has the report been placed in the context of what was already known about the phenomenon?

Has the original purpose of the study been adequately addressed?

Conclusions/Implications and Recommendations

Are the importance and implications of the findings identified?

Are recommendations made to suggest how the research findings can be developed?


Were all the books, journals, and other media alluded to in the study accurately referenced?

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