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question related to Canadian government structure

I’m studying for my Political Science class and need an explanation.

What are some of the problems associated with the quality of life in Canada and how, if at all, are these problems reflected in Canadian politics? What suggestions would you make to improve the quality of life in Canada for all Canadian

Word Count:

Minimum: 1,000 words; Maximum: 1,200 words.

Students are to provide documented evidence in the form of at least six third party citations taken from text books, academic journals, government sources, the news media or other literature to support their

The word limit is inclusive of quotations and students should present their ideas thoughtfully and succinctly. The bibliography is not counted as part of the word limit

Grading of Written Work

Written work will be graded against the following criteria:


Clearly stated, creative, original and insightful

Presents a Point of View (POV) based on a critical analysis of factual evidence and relevant theory

2.Background and Course Content

Contains relevant background information

Includes at least six third party citations

Draws upon course text and lecture material

3.Research, Supporting Data and Analysis

Refers to a full range of relevant current resources (course materials, external sources), and other research

Uses relevant data, analyses and conclusions

Includes a critical analysis of the sources used

Minimum and maximum word counts are respected


Are clear, creative, and insightful

Contain a clear, cogent reiteration of and support for the central points of the thesis

5.Writing Style and Essay Structure

Essay is very well organized

Central ideas are presented very clearly, cogently, and effectively

There is critical analysis and integration of ideas throughout the paper

6.Grammar and Mechanics

Inclusive of a separate title page

Minimal spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors

Typewritten Single spaced

12pt Arial font

One inch wide margins on all four sides

Written in MS Word

Academic Research Pro