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  1. “Dividing the volatility, or risk, of the investment by the absolute value of its expected return determines its COV.”

With volatility in stock markets becoming something of a “new normal”, discuss the implications of using a coefficient of variation (COV), as described in the attached article: “What Does the Coefficient of Variation (COV) Tell Investors?


  1. Statistical Uncertainty

Stephen Evans, professor of pharmacoepidemiology, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, said it was important not to pay too much attention to the exact percentage value of the efficacy.

“While the best estimate is 94.1% against all Covid-19 disease, the statistical uncertainty in this is such that the data are compatible with a true efficacy of about 87%,” he said. “This is, of course, still a very good efficacy. Similarly, the 100% efficacy against more severe disease is compatible with an efficacy of 90%, again, this is very good and is some evidence that severe as well as mild disease is prevented.” to an external site.


Would you expect this kind of information about statistical uncertainty to be helpful?

Enlarge on your rationale!


  1. Whichof the “Six Strategic Technologies” did you select for your Project here?

And discuss the reasons for your choice.

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