Racial discrimination is an issue that has affected African

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Racial discrimination is an issue that has affected African

Racial discrimination is an issue that has affected African American people for decades now. It traces its origin back to the era where black people were forced to work on farms as slaves for white people. They were considered inferior and worthless hence being bought and sold like commodities and as slaves. It manifests itself in many ways and places in the current world, from workplaces, shopping centers, schools, hospitals, and even neighborhoods. Racial discrimination affects black people both physically and mentally, and it needs to be eliminated. This paper supports the argument that racial discrimination should be stopped.

Racial discrimination is an issue that affects people worldwide, and our efforts to stop it may seem little with no impact on society. Usually, the government is the body to make a meaningful impact in society concerning racial discrimination. They, however, choose to be quiet and not support the matter. If it’s anything, the law enforcers are the ones who contribute to racial discrimination by using excessive force when handling black people. This characteristic of the government prompts me to take the initiative and support the black community despite knowing my efforts are negligible. It still counts for something, and I believe the little we offer for the course goes a long way. It may seem meaningless since efforts don’t match the many cases of racial discrimination. Regardless, it should not stop us from doing the right thing.

I am applying the Broome argument in favor of climate change. I will argue that we have a moral obligation to end Racial discrimination in our society. I believe the principles of equality and human rights go hand in hand. Therefore, it is a requirement that one adheres to the laws established for the sake of the country and its people as a law-abiding citizen. Human rights are part of the law, and they are meant to protect citizens from any kind of discrimination either by other citizens or by the state itself. I find it interesting how individuals in society choose to give a blind eye to racial discrimination issues and still claim to be state law abiders. The laws are quite clear concerning the definition of racial discrimination and how it may be practiced in society. The roles of other society members are also laid out. It comes down to our willingness to take part in the racial eradication stoppage initiative.

Racial discrimination is an issue experienced by nearly all states in America and all over the world. This fact can explain why people would not want to participate and contribute to eliminating racial discrimination. The fact that it is happening worldwide belittles the efforts of an individual who wishes to be part of the initiative. It discourages them by making their contribution look inferior. This factor explains why people ignore racial discrimination despite being at the forefront of human rights matters in their respective countries or states. It feels like doing zero work because the issue is widespread, and the support system towards the course is too weak.

Broome’s argument in Climate matters talks about how many minuscule imperceptible harms lead to serious harm. According to Broome, individuals fail to recognize emissions they release into the air because it is small compared to the size of the world. He warns that small emissions made by individuals daily amount to large harmful emissions that cause global warming. As much as we feel our efforts don’t count, we should also think about doing the right thing as individuals, following our conscience, and living free from its guilt. The thought that many people can share in this thought and that the number of supporters can grow is motivation enough. People should derive their motivation to stop racial discrimination from their own conscience. What does your heart tell you to do? Are you at peace knowing you have done nothing concerning the issue? These are some of the questions individuals should ask themselves to evaluate where they stand. Despite knowing that my efforts are negligible, I still advocate for the black community whenever possible. People should choose to do the same because there is nothing to lose if you look at it. Creating awareness as one of the initiatives also brings more people to the initiative, and we know there is power in numbers. I use Broome’s style of argument that small efforts put together amount to something substantial and impactful. An individual effort may not prove substantial, but large masses can easily lead to a change anticipated.

Dominant races might argue that the issue doesn’t concern them as they are not directly affected and refuse to participate. However, this might not be the case because we have long-term effects of racial discrimination that affect the community at large. When African American people are denied jobs in the country, it means that they have no source of income hence reduced purchasing power. As a result, there will be a surplus in the market now that consumers have no money to spend. There is, therefore, an economic imbalance that hinders economic growth. Economic growth is a matter that affects all citizens regardless of their race. It becomes a cycle that impacts society negatively. We need to take the initiative and support the black community because their contribution to the economy and community matters.

My final argument in support of racial discrimination stoppage, regardless of it being an issue beyond my control, is that choosing not to do something about it is far worse. It will be a constant bother to know that one has the capacity and capability to do something about racial discrimination but still choose to be silent. Sitting and watching from the sidelines will not be a sensible thing to do. However, it is better to contribute to the issue, however little it may be. one might not reach all the black people facing discrimination worldwide, but might change people around them, their neighbors, friends, or even classmates. That meaningful impact on an individual is very important and cannot be compared to not taking the initiative to be helpful and spearhead racial discrimination in society.

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