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Part A:

Please work on the same Example -Forensic Glass Dataset in the R library(MASS) (See p.119-121 in Ch. 7, J. Strickland, 2014). You have to download the package randomForest and then include it through library(randomForest) to open it.
Use the same R codes in pp.119-121 to generate the same results as in the text.
Give a good summary and conclusion of your findings with insight.

Part B:

Find a dataset of interest to you. Follow the example in Part A to demonstrate how you can use Tandom Forest method with R to classify the data.
Give a good summary and conclusion of your findings with insight.
The project should have cover page, following APA format with at least 1000 words (excluding title page and references page) and references page. Please use subtitles to make your assignment reader friendly


Predictive Analytics Using R by Jeffrey Strickland (2014). Retrieved from https://www.slideshare.net/JeffreyStricklandPhD/predictiveanalyticsusingrredc

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