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Rationing Health Care for the Elderly

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Part A
The first phase of this activity is to plan your visit by researching the facility. Learn as much as you can about the services, structure, staff and contact personnel. Prepare a visit profile to include the facility, the people you would like to interview, their roles and responsibilities, and several questions you plan to explore with each category of person you interview. It is important that you plan each interview by writing down the questions you want to ask in advance of the interview. (30 points) (A 2-page response is required.)

Part B
The second phase of the activity involves making the visit and conducting the interviews. Following your interviews, prepare a statement of findings. This statement should contain a detailed list of the facts you have uncovered. (40 points) (A 2-page response is required.)

To help you in your data collection interview activity please consider the following set of questions to explore with the nursing home managers and staff.

How is the facility structured and organized?
What is the socio-medical profile of the typical resident?
What programs do you provide for the residents?
What are the most difficult problems you have experienced in running the facility?
What has been done to solve the problems?
What improvements would provide the most benefit to the programs and residents?
What are the greatest impediments to implementing these improvements?

Personal Care and Nursing Staff

What is your typical day like?
What program activities are most beneficial to the residents for whom you care?
What are the most difficult problems you have in caring for the residents?
What changes would most help make your job easier?
Do you think the residents are happy here?
If so, why and if not why not?
Do the residents maintain contact with their families?
Are families involved in end-of-life counseling sponsored by the facility?
What is the most difficult medical care problem encountered by the nursing staff?
Under what conditions does the facility employ life-extending medical interventions?
What is the stated facility policy on this issue?

I have provided these questions as a guide to you in preparing for the interviews. Please use them as such and not as an exhaustive and inclusive list of questions. Please feel free to expand, eliminate, or modify your questions, as appropriate, to accomplish the objectives of the activity.

Part C
The final phase of the activity is to prepare an analysis of your findings, which you should relate to the Lecture and Research Update and the Required Readings in this assignment. Prepare an analysis statement explaining your conclusions on care for the elderly, recommendations on how to improve that care, and your position on whether health care to the elderly should be rationed. (30 points) (A 1-page response is required.)

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rationing health care for the elderly

Part A

Callahan makes a convincing argument for controlling the increasing cost of providing life-extending interventions to the elderly. In narrative form, present and describe the essential points of Callahan’s argument and his assumptions. (7 points)

Part B

Many have taken issue with even the notion or suggestion that health care should be rationed for any group and especially for the elderly. Describe the arguments made by those in this camp. Be sure to address all of the justifications supporting this position. Cite your sources, using the APA format. (6 points)

Part C

Prepare a statement that describes your position and justification on this issue. Your statement should include why you support one of the positions presented and reject the other. (12 points)

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