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Reaction Paper Guidelines
A Reaction Paper is designed to develop and sharpen your critical thinking and writing skills. Your objective in writing this assignment is to define an issue clearly and to formulate and clarify your position on that issue by reacting to a controversial statement. Each of the five papers is worth 4% of the course grade.
The paper must be at least 250-300 words, excluding the title page and reference page, and must adhere to the APA sixth edition writing format. Please reference the APA example given in the Resources section. If your paper does not comply with this format you will lose points. Please see the grading rubric that follows the list of Controversial Statements.
Please cite at least one reference from a website provided in the Webliography and one from your text book. Please make sure to submit your paper to The instructions for are located under the “Resources” section of your course navigation menu.
Controversial Statement: Adolescent and adult offenders from dysfunctional homes should not be held accountable for predatory behaviors due to the environmental challenges and influences associated with their current or former homes.
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Reaction paper

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Here is the information about the reaction paper.

You are expected to submit 1-page (in single space, or 2-page in double space) long reaction paper after each presentation day that you are not presenting.
Articles will be attached bellow – chose 1 of the articles to critique (highlighted in red).
An example of a reaction paper is attached below.

In reaction paper, you are expected to…
1) Summarize the design and findings of one study that your presenter of choice discussed (5pts).
2) Present your own interpretation and discussion of the findings (5pts).
Do you agree or disagree with the authors/presenter? and Why?
What is the limitation of the current experiment? How to fix it?
What is the implication of this finding to the current understanding of human memory?
What is the implication of this finding to the everyday activities?

Thank You!

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