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read about epistemology and submit guiding questions

How this assignment fits into Module 1 and why I want you to do it:
This assignment builds on and reinforces the concepts from the film The Lottery of Birth with an article composed by Miami University professor, Jim Hanges.
The article explains the concept of epistemology in relation to the study of religion and in connection with the work of Sigmund Freud.

What you will get out of this assignment:
If you successfully complete this assignment, you will:

understand how “knowing” is a socially constructed perception of characteristics and functions of the world around us,
demonstrate comprehension of Freud’s understanding of religious knowledge, and interrogate his claims using evidence.
understand that “knowledge” is a type of belief, but belief is not necessarily knowledge.

What we want you to do for this assignment:
Step One: Carefully read the essay on Religion and Epistemology.
Religion and Epistemology.docx
Step Two: Write at least one high quality paragraph for each set of guiding questions:

What is epistemology? Why is knowledge a problem? What is the difference between knowledge and belief?
Pick a particularly interesting sentence from the lengthy Sigmund Freud quotation on pages 4 and 5. Explain what you think Freud is arguing and use evidence to explain why you agree or disagree with his argument.
How is the information in this article relevant to the study of religion and the film you have watched thusfar?…

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