read an article from a newspaper and write a 6 page response on the social justice issue it deals with

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read an article from a newspaper and write a 6 page response on the social justice issue it deals with

Purpose of Assignment
Another goal of this course is to insure you connect course content with current social justice issues or events taking place outside the classroom. It is important that you develop and/or further your skills of integrating multiple sources of knowledge, understand mechanisms of oppression and discrimination, and continuously appraise and attend to local, community and societal developments. This paper will assist you in practicing these skills by having you explore and choose a current social justice issue/event discussed in a newspaper article, and then writing a paper that connects classroom and discussion section knowledge with the issue. Finally, this assignment will not only help develop further your critical thinking and writing skills but also the succinctness of your writing.
Assignment Instructions
This two-part assignment involves your choosing a newspaper article
written on a social justice issue or event (e.g., protest about issue) and writing a paper addressing the questions below. The issue can be one that is occurring at the city, county, state or national level. I encourage you to choose an issue that resonates with you and challenges your critical thinking skills.
Part 1: Find Social Justice Issue Article
Find a newspaper article written in the past six months about a current social justice
issue or event. Most major newspapers in the country can be accessed online.
Note: The source must be an actual newspaper and not a news source that only has an online presence; this type of source is not acceptable for this assignment.
The article must be a news article, not an op-ed piece or an editorial.
Part 2: Write Your Paper
You are required to write a 5-full page minimum to 6-page maximum paper
(cover sheet and references are not included in this count).
Please remember that this is an academic paper so be certain to adhere to the Written
Assignment Guidelines Policy located in the Course Policy section of this syllabus, as well as in the Canvas Assignments Module.
If you chose an online article, use APA style and cite it at the end of your paper on a
reference page. If you cut an article out of a newspaper, then please scan and upload it
with your paper.
The filename for your paper should be Last Name Justice Spring 2019. For example,
the filename for my paper would be Schroepfer Justice Spring 2019.
Succinctly, critically and deeply answer the following questions:
1. Describe the social justice issue presented in this article.
2. Discuss the main points of the article.
3. Does the paper present multiple points of view regarding the social justice issue?
3a. If yes: What are these points of view? Do you find any points of view to be missing and, if so, what are they?
3b. If no: What points of view do you find to be missing?
4. What knowledge have you learned in course lectures, guest speakers, required
readings and/or discussion sections that you feel relates or serves to inform your
reading of this social justice issue?
5. What role can social workers play at the micro, mezzo and/or macro level to address
this issue? Be specific and provide examples, if necessary.
6. Discuss your thoughts, feelings, and personal reactions to the article. What did you
learn? Be specific and provide examples, if necessary.

This is an article I found that I feel would be easy to use

if you chose to find another article, it MUST be from a newspaper(no other media) and within the past 6 months.
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