Read chapter 11 and write an essay on the assignment below.

Home Blog Read chapter 11 and write an essay on the assignment below.

Read chapter 11 and write an essay on the assignment below.

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  • Read chapter 11 and write an essay on the assignment below.
  • Assignment: Write a summary, description, and an analysis of an advertisement (Word Count: 1000 words, double-spaced).

First, summarize and describe the advertisement. Describe the advertisement clearly so that your reader can see it without actually looking at it. Note the way the visual features of the advertisement (layout, color, images, proportion, and copy) are presented. Who appears in the ad? Is it a celebrity or someone well known? An unfamiliar figure? What are the expressions of the people featured in the ad?

Next, analyze and interpret the advertisement for its main messages. Examine how different parts of the advertisement work together to contribute to its rhetorical effect. Your essay should mainly discuss the following: What is the setting of the ad, and what does it suggest about the message? The chief selling point: Analyze the persuasive tactics used to sell the product.In what ways does the ad attempt to manipulate the consumer into buying the particular product it sells? On what emotions and desires does the ad play? In other words, how is pathos used? What appeals to the intellect, what appeals to the senses, and what appeals to emotion?What means are used to construct these various dimensions of the message?

The audience: Who is being targeted? What is the message? How and why does it work for that audience?

The implicit as well as the explicit messages: Does the ad have a positive or a negative influence? Does it promote an ideal or support social change? Is the ad immoral? Irresponsible? Does it promote a stereotype or a group of people?

Consider issues such as race, ethnicity, gender, class, and sexuality. In what ways, if any, are they present in the ad? What does their presence in or absence from the ad suggest about the message.

The values the ad endorses: What underlying values are represented; for example, individualism, patriotism, emphasis on leisure or saving time? Do they reflect American society?

Did you find this advertisement effective? Discuss the ways in which the ad does or does not do a fair job of evaluating its product. Are you persuaded by the message of the advertisement? Please explain your position.

Please post a picture of the advertisement to your essay. Please choose an advertisement that employs quite a bit of copy/writing.

Assignment Due: June 30

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