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As in Module 1, we will begin by acknowledging some key observations about our patient’s case. We will start by establishing our own understanding of several conditions that affect our patient. Remember, cardiovascular and respiratory disorders are two of the most prevalent disorders you will encounter in the medical field, so you probably already have a good understanding of these conditions. For this assignment, answer these questions based on your own current understanding. You do not need to do any research prior to completing this assignment.

You should spend approximately 2 hours on this assignment.


In a post that is a minimum of 150 words, respond to the following:

1. What are your initial reactions related to the case?

2. What is a heart attack?

3. Considering Mrs. Johnsons case, why does she have an increased risk of having a heart attack?

4. What is tissue perfusion? Which of the patients conditions can alter tissue perfusion? How?

5. What is hypertension? How does hypertension alter tissue perfusion?

6. Describe pneumonia. What risk factors does the patient have for pneumonia?


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