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Here is the link that you can see the books’ content.
Read Chapter 5 and Chapter 6
The template is asking you to choose two quotes from each chapter and paraphrasing and response to each quotes.
Please finish the work in the template, Thx
And also feel free to ask me the questions…

Here is the example for the quotes and the paraphrasing…
quotes with MLA format:

Cullen concludes, “Of all the things that happened there / That’s all I remember” (11).


In “An Anthropologist on Mars,” Sacks lists some of the known facts about autism. We know, for example, that the condition occurs in roughly one out of every thousand children. We also know that the characteristics of autism do not vary from one culture to the next. And we know that the condition is difficult to diagnose until the child has entered its second or third year of life. As Sacks points out, often a child who goes on to develop autism will still appear perfectly normal at the age of one (247).

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