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read the paper and create a summary report

Read the first ten pages of attached document “The Microstructure of the U.S. Treasury Market” (Sections 1 to 7) and create a one-page summary report. In this report, address the following questions:
 What are the three stages of secondary market trading?
 In which of these secondary market trading stages do you think U.S. Treasury market bid-ask spreads are the narrowest? Why?
 Unlike corporate bond and municipal bond markets, trade reporting in U.S. Treasury markets is not required. All else equal, how do you think a lack of trade reporting would affect secondary market liquidity?
 Discuss the prevalence of high-frequency trading in contemporary U.S. Treasury markets and cite at least three relevant sources from the past five years. Do not copy and paste sentences from the U.S. Treasury market report or your cited sources. You may attribute quotes to your sources.
The length of this report should be no longer than one page, excluding any tables or graphs that you might decide to include.
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