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Reading the article and Answer the following questions

How does Youngâ€s writing style function as evidence in his argument? Give examples. (60-90words)
Describe the audience you believe this author is intending to reach. What is their history with the subject? Is he trying to persuade an opposing audience, a sympathetic audience, an ambivalent audience, or an uninformed audience? What evidence from the text leads you to this conclusion(60-90words)
What conventions of academic writing does Young use?(60-90 words)
Describe the structure of this argument – how is it organized?(60-90 words)

there is some sample
1.By using what would be considered a very informal writing style throughout his entire piece, Young displayed his ability to deliver a strong message without eloquent or “proper” language. On page 20, Young opens a paragraph to reiterate an earlier point: “See, donâ€t nobody all the time, nor do they in the same way subscribe to or follow standard models of expression.” The point is still made, but Young is able to utilize the very style that he is defending in the article to further build up his argument.
2.Young intends to reach a vulnerable audience, a group that my demographic of learning college students would fall under. In general, Young aims this at those whose minds are not made up, and can utilize this different perspective he is presenting to make a real difference in the future. His audience is generally uninformed, as those who it would impact the most are those who probably struggled to read through his writing style. By directly targeting Fish and his rigid rules in literature, Young comes after those who would normally defend the “proper” language and writing style that his target audience would be familiar with
3.While Young ignores the use of formal language, he builds credibility for his argument by citing academics and scholarly sources. Ater doing so he then delves into them with thorough analysis. Another convention that Young employs is a formal structure of introducing a problem to craft exigence, elaborating on his thoughts with evidence, then concluding. This formal structure is only loosely followed however, as there is not clear cut thesis stated at the beginning, and the conclusion is abrupt
4.Young structures his paper by beginning with a quotation, followed by his argument and how it contradicts this quote. He then builds his argument up with a brief history of dialects and their ties to prejudice. He follows with quotes from well educated individuals and dives into how they have no need to speak proper english and are still successful in delivering a message. He even brings up a man tweeting to Obama, and how his ingenious way of a lack of proper english was supposedly super effective. Then the author returns to his stance on prejudice, comparing bad english not being respected to black people not being able to wear certain hair styles 30 years ago, which makes me think that he is pulling arguments out from thin air. – Anthony
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