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Reading Journal for the following stories:
1-    Cathedral (
2-    The jewelry (
3-    Sonnyâ€s blues (
4-    Cask of Amontillado (
5-    Grasshopper and Bell Cricket(
6-    Good Man is Hard to Find (
I need these question to be answered order is not important as well as the grammar, some question does not need full sentence. Please some quote is required
1-    what is the climax
2-    what do you expect from the title and the first event
3-    what is the conflict and does is resolved
4-    do the characters or the situation change form the beginning to the end
5-    is the narrator is the past or present tense
6-    is the narrator in the first, second, third person
7-    who are the characters and who is the protagonist and antagonist
8-    where and when does the story take place
9-    what is the tone mood
10-what is the theme ( what does the story mean)
I need this assignment to be done within the next 12 hours. Please if you cant do it in the required time, donâ€t make me any promises, because if I didnâ€t get it in the time I will get zero in the assignment.


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reading journal

I’m trying to study for my Literature course and I need some help to understand this question.

Overview [from the syllabus]:

For each assigned book, you’ll have the option of writing one Reading Journal entry of two full pages (2 pages = onto page 3) that critically engages with some aspect of the text, and formulates a brief literary argument. You will be required to turn in FOUR Reading Journals for the EIGHT books that we read, so it is up to you which four you respond to. Reading Journal entries must be posted to your Reading Journal page on the class Canvas page any time before the start of class on the day they are due. If some part of one of our readings speaks to you or you think of something interesting in chapter two, feel free to post your journal in advance of the deadline. Please see the Course Schedule for due dates. Each of the four journals will be worth 25 points, totaling 100 points. No extra credit will be given for additional reading journals turned in beyond four.


The primary goal of this assignment is for you to critically (and rather briefly) engage with some aspect of the text, and turn in a reflection in which you analyze some aspect of the text and formulate a brief literary argument. Perhaps you think that Arlen’s search for his father is truly what’s driving his exploration of his heritage, or perhaps you see the character of Arlen’s wife making a distinct difference in the outcome of his search—make a brief case for whatever one argument it is that you want to reflect on, and make at least three textual connections to the readings to support that main argument.

Five points each (totaling 20 points):

  • Formulate a clear central argument
  • Make at least three textual connections
  • Cite any time that you quote
  • Follow the below specifics

Assignment Specifics (5 points):

  • 2-3 full pages (2 full = onto pg. 3), double-spaced, 12-point standard font.
  • Turn in on Canvas before class.
  • Number your pages (top right) and type your name in front of the number in the header.
  • Make sure you select the entire document and check the “Don’t add space between paragraphs of the same style” box in Microsoft Word.
  • Use APA, MLA, or Chicago style for page layout and citation style (depending on what’s most familiar to you from your major).

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