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in one or two pages, write a reflection on the chapter 4 which i will send to you. this chapter is tattled (learning for schooling ). this chapter is an example on the qualitative study, it is considered the final result for the study. so what I want in the reflection is the following:
1- how did the researcher get the information to write this chapter
2- what did she (the researcher) read? and why she read it?
3- what did she use (knowledge)
4- what were the most steps she took before she wrote this chapter
5- how did she do it , focus on her methodology, her critical thinking, her writing style,..
6- take the place of the researcher when she was writing this chapter (reverse engineering)

write your reflection without citation
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reading reflection

I’m studying for my Environmental Science class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?


Provide a brief summary (paragraph) of the issue(s) covered across the week’s

readings. How does the reading help to explain gentrification or its






a key theoretical concept developed by one of the authors.


Pose a question about the reading. It can be a question

of clarification (e.g. what

does the author mean by …?), a question concerning a reading’s argument in the

broader debate on gentrification (e.g. how does this author’s argument differ

from so and so’

s argument?), or a question concerning the broader social and

political implications of a reading (e.g. how does this concept help us understand

inequalities in cities?).

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