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In second week of my capstone i feel i am more comfortable and more awafre in my role as a school nurse. I learned how to approach students regarding their issues. still i am surprised that in district 15 school nurses are not allowed to use any kind of meds, i mean safe and common ones like cough drops. Many students come everyday to the nursing office and feel uncomfortable in their throats. i believe the use of cough drop can be a relief for awhile,but we can’t use it. The only thing we can offer to students is ice pack. Actully ice pack is a solution for any problem and this is main thing we offer to almost every single student comes to nursing office along taking their temp to make sure they don’t have fever. The good thing for this approach is to not use meds as a first line of treatment. In my experience , even during short time of doing capstone is the nurse acknowledge their feelings and provide support for them. This week i had new experience. A 10 years girl was complaining of severe itchy hair or head. when i looked to her hair i saw lots of lices in her head. Immediately i informed the nurse, she checked the girl’s hair and approved presence of lice in her hair. the nurse called to her mom to pick her up and we gave her information on how to take next step and treat her daughter. It was kind of scarry to me, since it was the first time i saw lice other than read it in book. Doing capstone as a school nurse motivated me to look for a job as a peds nurse after i pass state board. i love working with this population, they give me energy. it remembers me how fast i lost these years in my own life. the sweet years that i wish repeat one more time. It repeats, in the form of my kids lives, and overall this is great experience and learning.

reflection paper

I need help with a Writing question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

Reflect on a personal experience where you encountered some type of active or passive oppression related to power and privilege. The oppression may have been cultural and/or institutional, and may have taken place in an educational or professional setting.

Write about the experience and describe how it shaped your understanding of how the dominant group possesses the power and privilege to actively or passively oppress individuals. If you cannot identify a personal experience, then write about an experience of someone you know or something you have seen in the news. Be sure to refer to Johnson’s (2005) examples of privilege and consider the following concepts to guide your thinking: race/ethnicity, gender, class, sexual orientation, able bodiedness or disability, and religion.

The paper should include the following:

  • General description of the event (first person)
  • Analysis of how the event demonstrates issues of power, privilege, and oppression(third person)
  • Reflection of how your positionality (i.e., opinion and understanding of how the dominant group possesses power and privilege) was changed or reinforced by the event( first person)
  • * Application of Johnson’s (2005) diversity terminology(third person)

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