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Write a short essay 3 pages about which CD you would take with you to a desert island if you could take only one. Type this essay (12 pt. font) my favorite band is phish and junta is the cd i picked. this will require googling on your part if you don’t know the band.

To help us to become acquainted with you and to give us a picture of your musical tastes, individually and collectively.

2. To encourage you to think about the role music plays in your personal life. What makes the CD particularly important to you, or well suited to this purpose? Where does it stand in relation to other CDs or types of music that your like? What were its close competitors? Do you think this is the best CD you have ever heard? If its not, why would you choose it instead? You might also want to consider how music in general relates to your thoughts and your feelings: What does it have to do with your social life? Br sure to include specific references to at least some of the songs, including musical elements (singing style, melody, instrumental playing, etc.) and illustrative lyrics. (No footnotes necessary for lyrics; just make sure you identify the song and use quotes.)

3. To give you some practice in writing about a subject that interests you.

Other things to consider (these are suggestions, not requirements):
Album artwork/digital artwork
General Aesthetics
Mood (varied/consistent)
Instrumentation (change/ consistent/electric/acoustic)
What the CD overall means to you (memories, friends, family, philosophy, events, etc.)
Emotional content/story telling/superficial/fun/ meaning of lyrics
Discuss members of the group, their roles/contributions
This is a totally personal essay, not a research paper, and should therefore require no other sources, footnotes or bibliography.

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