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Read the article by Labrague, L. & McEnroe-Petitte, D. (2016). Influence of music on preoperative anxiety and physiological parameters in women undergoing gynecologic surgery. Clinical Nursing Research, 25(2), 157-173,
Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the sampling method used in this study and if the sampling method promoted reliable and valid results. Include in the discussion if there is anything the researcher could have done to improve the sampling process. 500 words, 4-5 paragraphs
. Be sure to use evidence from the readings and include in-text citations. Utilize essay-level writing practice and skills, including the use of transitional material and organizational frames. Use the writing resources to develop your post.
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research question

I’m studying for my Statistics class and don’t understand how to answer this. Can you help me study?


Your research question for your IRP. And find the appropriate data set.(The statistical question that you hope to answer by analyzing the data set you picked.)


Consider that you are using this data to do a linear regression:

Such as: The name and type of your dependent variable (e.g. MSRP – Continous)

The name and type of your independent variable (e.g. Make – Categorical, Horsepower – Continous, Weight – Continous).

The data set for your IRP should have at least 100 records, and four attributes.

Here are some links that you can use to find the data set: (There are many topics here to choose from) (You need to explore this site to find the data) http://www.morningstar.com

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