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respond to a discussion question for history

I’m stuck on a History question and need an explanation.


I just want you to response to the responded question that already answered and give some thought and examples to this:

Question 2: What impact did the war have on Northern and Southern society, respectively? What were the primary ways in which it changed the nation?


The war had various effects on Southern and Northern societies. For instance, the cotton became more commercially successful in the southern society which highly exercised control over the region’s economy, persuading planters and farmers (affluent farmers with large number of acres whereby a significant number of slaves worked on) into the new states of Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama and Arkansans (Shi, 2018). The expansion of cotton culture in the southern society into its new regions and nations needed increasing the number of enslaved workers of which most of them were given in part-exchange and relocated from Virginia and the Carolinas.

In the meantime, Northern encountered an industrial revolution that remodeled the economy of the region as factories and mills started to spot the aspect and change the sum and substance of work; a majority of the early mill workers were mostly women of very young age from the farms or overseas. In the parts of the North and Midwest, a built-up middle class appeared as Americans left the farms behind and went cities and towns; they went there particularly for jobs which were in new factories, banks, and mills.

The war changed the nation in several primary ways. For instance, the economy of the United States increased to a great extent. The considerable improvement in transportation and communication changed the economy into interconnected countrywide market regions (Shi, 2018). Meanwhile, the state started to split into three strong regional alliances- South, North, and west –whose changing groups would model political life up to the time of the civil war.


Shi, D. E. (2018). The Emergence of a Market Economy, 1815–1850. In America: The Essential Learning Edition (2nd ed., pp. 272-273). W. W. Norton & Company.


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