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I need an explanation for this Social Science question to help me study.

Please Respond to Ryan with a connection or suggestion. some resources are attached


I have been involved in most of the process for an FBA and BIP, and I have two students with current behavior plans in place. The plans seem to work relatively well in terms of the accommodations, tracking, and reward systems. The students have improved some since there implementation as well. The part that I feel needs more follow through is the teaching of appropriate behaviors and coping skills. Both students have social-emotional minutes that are serviced by a social worker, but they do not meet often enough to see a change in the students’ use of strategies. I am actually taking a course on social-emotional strategies, so I plan to take time to work on this with the students myself.

I do have a student that may benefit from having an FBA and BIP added to his IEP. I have had to work on social skills and anger management with him since his transfer to our school, but he has recently escalated in terms of distracting behavior, defiance, and even some violence toward computer equipment. He has always reacted negatively to redirects but is now even shutting down some which was not previously occurring. I have not formally tracked his behavior but will likely start with an ABC form.

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