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Response to discussion post minimum 100 words

I’m studying and need help with a Law question to help me learn.

You just basically responding to the student of what you felt compelling and enlightening

Student paper down below:

Correctional institutes have been around for many years.Over time, there have been debates on the way the institutes are managed.This leads to changes being made that meet the needs of the institution’s staff, as well as the inmates.Since the prison system was established in the 1970s, there have been many changes in how the correctional institutes are running.But who is the person who has the power to make these changes?How many people really have a say so in the structure of prison institutes?It all depends on the structure of the prison institute.

There are two types of structures that hold the power to make changes to the processes of the prison institutions; centralized model and decentralized model.The centralized model is normally used for smaller organizations and the power for any arrangements made, planning or changes to be made is completely done by upper management.The decentralized model has numerous levels of power and is normally used for larger organizations.This means that each level of management has the authority, responsibility, and accountability. There are also differences between the two structures when it comes to communication.With the centralized model, the communication flow is only between the upper management and the process of making changes is slow, but the responsibility relies solely on the leadership.With the decentralized model, there is more communication and is among staff, between staff, and inmates.With an array of people involved in decision making, it allows the change to occur faster than that of a centralized model, and multiple people are responsible (Houston & Stefanoviae, 1996).

In 1930, the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB) was established.FOB is an example of decentralized prison management.The FOB is the hold the accountability of the federal prisons.This means that this system of operation is independently managed, and all changes or plans must be enforced by the FOB and no other organization (Carlson & Garrett, 2008).

In comparison to the centralized model, the decentralized model cannot improve the prison as a whole, it changes the different branches one at a time.This contributes to the decision making due to the fact that with the decentralized method the upper management can forward the decision making down to lower-level management.A decentralized model can also lead to misunderstanding with change.This is due to only one department making a change and not the entire facility.The decentralized model can get input from lower-level management to decide what would be better for the department.Unlike the centralized model, the upper management is the one who decides what should be done (Barrett, 2019).

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