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Response to Kaito Stanley DQ2

Iā€™m studying and need help with a Writing question to help me learn.

****** please respond to the discussion question below add citations and references šŸ™‚ ******

“Levels of evidence (sometimes called hierarchy of evidence) are assigned to studies based on the methodological quality of their design, validity, and applicability to patient care. These decisions gives the “grade (or strength) of recommendation”. (Research guides 2019)

Background information: Can be dated but can be used to set up a general ideal setting for each disease and disorder.

Case-control study: can be used to change internal processes on how to treat specific cases

Cohort study: This can help is studies of treatments or drug trials

RCT’s: Also can be used in drug trials with double blind studies

critically appraised article: can effect the hospitals ways of treatment of diagnosis

Critical appraised topic/systemic review: compilation of numerous data sets will allow internal process changes and ability to fight specific disease in a focused way

Research Guides: Evidence-Based Practice for Health Professionals: Levels of Evidence. (n.d.). Retrieved June 14, 2019, from…

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