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Over the years we have written thousands of Resumes for people. Most people who present themselves for interviews or job placements have sought our help and YES the satisfaction rate has been 100%. We write for you a professional resume that accords you an excellent opportunity of getting a placement either as an intern or a professional.

Academic-Research-Pro has accomplished Resume writing Consultants / Career Coaches with stellar records of offering suitable guidance and direction in building profitable as well as long-lasting careers. We have PhD and Masters holders in Human Resource Management and other related disciplines from accomplished universities in America. Our company has over 15 years of helping clients develop ATS – optimized, well-crafted resumes/CVs, cover letters, and jaw-breaking LinkedIn profiles.

What makes our Resume Writing Services Unique

  • We have what it takes to tailor-made your Resume/CV to pass all “ATS TESTS in just one attempt”


  • Personal perusal of over 21,000 resumes/CV coupled with about 98% of clients’ success stories, you are definitely going to return with your own success story within one week of submitting your application.


  • Unlimited Revision


  • 100% Customer Satisfaction