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Signature Assignment

For your Signature Assignment you will prepare a paper that includes the following sections:

Section 1: How You Have Changed Throughout the Course (2-3 pages)
This section should focusing on how you have changed throughout the course by drawing connections to the readings, lessons, and assignments to explain and explore the ways you have developed. Discuss at least the top five most important things you felt you learned in the course. For each item, briefly discuss what makes it so important and how it will potentially influence you in your MFT practice and life.

Section 2: Stereotypes of Self (2-3 pages)
For this section you will addressing the following questions:

a. What are the most prevalent stereotypes that you have found yourself holding toward others?

b. What stereotypes have you found others hold or held toward you? How did you manage this?

c. What stereotypes do you hold toward yourself? How does this influence you?

d. By look alone, how do you think people first experience you?

Section 3: Impact of Similarities and Differences (2-4 pages)
This section should focus on the impact of similarities and differences between a marriage and family therapist and a family in the therapeutic process. Then, address the following questions:

a. In marriage and family therapy, what are the positive and negative aspects of working with clients of the same race, religious beliefs, SES, etc., or an individual of the same gender?

b. What would be the potential dangers and what would be the potential strengths of having similarities and differences?

c. How have you learned for yourself ways to recognize this impact and whether it is positive or negative?

d. What strategies would you use to remain aware of the impact similarities and differences are having in a therapeutic relationship?

e. How do the MFT professional ethics inform how you will work with clients who are similar or different from you?

Section 4: Clinical Application of Gender and Diversity (4-5 pages)
For the final section of the paper, address the following areas. Support each of your answers by referencing specific information from the readings, discussions and activities.

a. Determine which practices, as a marriage and family therapist, you will keep and which practices you will change because of the things you learned in this course?

b. Select a gender or diversity issue that you believe you would have difficulty working with as a MFT. Describe the origins of the issue, and then describe what would be difficult for you. Give specific measures you can and would take in the face of this difficult situation.

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