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Solution-Cave with no natural light in mexico

You discover fish living in a cave with no natural light in Mexico. The fish have no eyes, but you notice that they do have eye sockets. Using the thought process of natural selection, which of the following would be the reason for this?

a) The fish were in a dark environment and therefore didn’t need eyes. Over time, they used their developmental energy for other more useful features, so because they didn’t use them, they lost them

b) The fish never had eyes but are slowly evolving to have them because they might need them in the future

c) Originally, some fish in the population had eyes and could see, but those without eyes had more acute other senses, allowing them to eat, avoid being eaten, and find a mate more easily. Eventually, those with eyes died before they could pass on their genes, and the population changed to those without eyes

d) The fish never had eyes but were part of a population of fish living outside the cave, where other fish did have eyes. Those with eyes outcompeted the ones without eyes so the blind fish migrated to the cave to start a new population

e) In earlier times, none of the fish in this area had eyes. Through a catastrophic event all these eyeless fish went extinct after which fish with eyes migrated into the area. The eyeless fish in the cave however survived the catastrophic event.

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