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Solution-Fundamentals of conservation biology

Resources: Ch. 8, 15, & 16 of Fundamentals of Conservation Biology; the Internet; and the University Library

Imagine that you work for a conservation group and have been asked to provide educational material on how humans impact ecosystems

Create a brochure with 5 panels about human society’s impact on ecosystems and the costs and benefits of human enterprise. Include the following:

  • Explain how ecosystem degradation and loss results from human society.
  • Describe the effects of human activity on plants, animals, and ecosystem dynamics. Provide specific examples.
  • Describe the economic decisions underlying conservation and exploitation. Explain the costs and benefits of human enterprise in terms of ecosystems and provide specific examples.
  • Describe some actions that society can take to help conserve ecosystems and prevent degradation and loss based on our activities.

Use images as appropriate.

Cite at least two references consistent with APA guidelines.

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