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Solution-What are some plants that are considered invasive

1. Web research on fungi-related food products (listed below)
2. Websites on invasive plant species
3. Website on animal model organisms
4. Application Assignment Rubric


• Review the sections on fungi, plants, and animals in your textbook
• Perform web research on fungi-related foods (listed below)
• Investigate a website on invasive plant species (USA) or
• Explore the NIH website on animal models
• Respond to (1-5) in a single MS Word document, using complete sentences. Your response for all the five prompts combined should be at least 200 words for full credit. Please review the Application Assignment rubric for detailed expectations as your responses will be evaluated for completeness, content, comprehension, clarity, and citation.
• Upload your responses to the appropriate area.

1375_Saccharomyces cerevisiae.png

Prompt Section 1

In Unit 6, we learned about Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a single-celled yeast of the Fungi kingdom. S. cerevisiae is central to bread and alcoholic fermented beverages such as beer and wine. But these yeasts are by no means the only way humans enjoy fungi as food products! Below you will find groups of edible mushrooms, fungi-ripened cheeses, and fungi-fermented foods.

Edible Mushrooms


Fermented Foods

Button mushroom



Shiitake or



Oyster mushroom


Soy sauce



Beer, wine

1. Choose a food from each of these three groups (Mushrooms, cheeses, fermented foods). For each example, find the scientific name of the organism that is eaten or that is involved in the processing of the food products. Give a few sentences of background on each of the foods you chose. Use citations and references appropriately.


Prompt Section 2

People often move plants from one part of the world to another. Sometimes, an introduced plant species becomes invasive, taking over native plant populations. Visit the website on invasive plant species. Choose a state (perhaps your home state or a state that interests you) and investigate the following questions.

2. What are some plants that are considered invasive for that state? Find one example and describe it, including whether it is a bryophyte, seedless vascular plant, gymnosperm, or angiosperm.

3. How are invasive species harmful? What can be done to stop the spread of invasive species?


Prompt Section 3

Biologists often study animals in an effort to better understand the workings of general biology, animal biology, and human health. Visit the NIH website on animal models to view examples of animals that are used as a model organisms for scientific research.

4. Name two animal organisms that are used in scientific research. To what phyla do these animals belong? Careful–Note that yeast, fungi, and social amoebae are not animals!

5. What types of discoveries have been advanced using the model organisms that you chose?

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