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Solution-What role does listening play in the inhaling

Discussion 1: Based upon the readings, define behavioral blend. Then, discuss your specific blend and how it impacts your interpersonal communication in terms of how you tend to think, feel, make decisions, and relate to others. How does understanding your behavioral blend and the other readings contribute to defining “enlarging the conversation”?

Discussion 2: In the past, the view of your identity has been that individuality comes first and then you interact to form social groups. Many of the readings in Chapter 3 of Bridges Not Wallspresent a different view. Define identity and discuss how communication builds identity as illustrated in the presentation communication scenarios. Be specific in utilizing theories and terminology from the text.Disusssion 3: Bridges Not Walls utilize the metaphor of inhaling and exhaling to explore interpersonal communication. Applying material from the various essays, explore the 2 concepts and explain how they further our understanding of interpersonal communication from the beginning chapters. What role does listening play in the inhaling or exhaling process?
Discussin 4: You are now entering the fourth module/week of journaling your reactions to the various readings. Identify a specific interpersonal communication need that has been revealed to you through the readings. Why is this particular need important to you and perhaps to your faith journey? What resources did you identify that will help you meet this need?
Discusiion 5: In this module/week, you have had the opportunity to watch the movie Fireproof in order to better understand the EMC equation (Identified Needs + Intentional Resourcing = Enlarging the Conversation). Through the lens of our course materials, explore the interpersonal communication concepts you identified in the movie. For example, did you find a degenerative communication spiral? What role did self disclosure play? How was identity revealed?

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