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Some review questions

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Multiple choice questionsSTUDY HELPS

  • What determines the wealth of a society?
  • How does a debt security pay the investor?
  • What determines the value of a derivative security?
  • What causes conflict between management and shareholders?
  • What a financial assets and what is their purpose?
  • Do takeovers help or hurt your stock?
  • What are the major forms of portfolio construction and their means of formation?
  • What was the purpose of Sarbanes Oxley?
  • Who helps firms sell securities?
  • Why do financial intermediaries exist?
  • What defines a money market security?
  • What does bid/ask price of a security tell you?
  • What are the major characteristics of a municipal bond?
  • What is the difference between a common stock and preferred stock?
  • If given a bid and ask price of a Treasury bond, determine what price you would pay or receive.
  • Equivalent taxable yield of a muni.
  • What is a call option?A put option?
  • What is the main difference between the primary and secondary market?
  • Given an initial major, compute the amount you borrow when purchasing stock.
  • What types of registration can a firm do for a potential stock purchase and what is the general process for issuing stock?
  • Compute potential loss on a short sale. (short 100 shares at $25)
  • What is the purpose of an investment company for an investor?
  • Using asset, liabilities and shares; compute an NAV.Or use three of the components to find the missing one.
  • With beginning and ending NAV, and distributions,compute a rate of return on a mutual fund.
  • Exact and approximate real return
  • Holding period return on a stock with beginning and ending prices, and dividend paid.
  • What things determine the level of interest rates?
  • Compute HPR with 3 states of the economy given probabilities and returns.
  • Why are financial assets so important to the growth of the economy?
  • How should the actions of the FED (such as raising interest rates) affect the economy and the stock market?Has this been the case over the last several years?Why not?
  • Why would T-bonds be an attractive investment, post 2008, even though they had such miserably low rates?
  • Explain the diversification benefit of a mutual fund.How does it help the investor to accomplish diversification?

Short answer questionsSTUDY HELPS

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