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Strategic Marketing Plan Project. Part 1

I’m trying to learn for my Marketing class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Strategic Marketing Plan Project. Part 1

You will research and prepare a marketing plan for a market follower with the objective of gaining significant market share over the next year. The subject of your marketing plan will be determined based on the results of the competitive analysis assignment.

Your faculty member will be provide guidance on the various marketing plan components as you think through your approach.

Strategic Marketing Plan Part 1 will include:

  • Current marketing situation to include: internal and external situational factors such as analysis of how the company currently would describe its products, markets, results to date, competitors and any other environmental factors germane to your product’s industry.
  • Target Market(s) to include: decisions with respect to extending efforts to current target market and all additional target markets identified through a segmentation and targeting process that will be addressed through the marketing plan to reach the marketing objectives. This section should also address the current positioning strategy.
  • Marketing Objectives and Barriers to success to include: at least two well defined marketing objectives to be achieved within a year time frame, and any issues that may hinder the attainment of these objectives.

Please see attachments for further instructions and format.

Also, the other attached documents has the topic of my project. and bit of marketing information

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