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Taxonomics characteristics-animal structure

1. Which of the following is NOT consistent with out understanding of animal structure?
A. The enviroment imposes similar challenges to allanimlas
B. The evolution of structure in an animal is inflenced by itsenvironment
C. With only a few exception animla demonstrate the samehierarchical levles tissue organization
D. Different animals contain fundamentally differentcategories of tissues

2. Which of the following is critical for classifying animals in the taxon ecdysozoa?
A. molting
B. embryonic cleavage
C. segmentation
D. a true coelomic cavity
E. none of the above

3. Taxonomics characteristics may be derived from which of the follwoing?
A. comparative embryology and anatomy
B. biochemical similarities among genetic materla andproteins
C. morphological features
D. all of the above
E. a and c only

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