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Choose ONE prompt and write an answer to the question that reflects your thoughts on the assigned TED talks. DO NOT WRITE A SUMMARY!! Your response should be thoughtful, well-developed, and relevant to the TED Talk. Your response should be 300 – 450 words. The rubric that will be used to evaluate this paper is available on Reggienet.


  1. Describe the dimensions of culture that the TED Talk addressed. Be mindful that the talk may have addressed more than one dimension. Define the addressed dimensions. How might the dimensions influence workplace interactions?
  2. What main implication(s) for society was (were) raised in the TED Talk? What did you find most challenging about confronting or correcting the issue(s)?
  3. Have you seen or experienced the issue(s) that were raised in the TED Talk? If so, describe your experience. What, if anything, would you change about this experience?
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