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Terrorism has been around for a very long time. The act of inflicting fear, through various means, as a way of initiating change is always a dirty business. Contemporary terrorism, with respects to its roots, is found in both Europe and the Middle East. These two geographic locations have illustrated that terrorism has manifested in various forms or as Rapoport put it, in “four waves”. I want you to focus, for the most part of this week, on understanding the Four Waves of Modern Terrorism. Rapoport, in my opinion, successfully illustrates the various reasons and forms of terroristic responses by a civilian population. He identifies that the key actors within various societies and how they view the world. These actors create the movement and become the change managers within a terroristic framework as a means to achieve various goals that align with that particular ideology.

Reflect back on last week and remember the differences between the groups that are aligned to the left and the right with respects to their ideology. You will notice that these groups will never align themselves with any established government since they greatly differ on the idea of how a society should ultimately function.

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