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The 6 journals about reading comic book

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You will be required to write 6 journals over the course of the semester. They can be any comic books, those you have read on your own time or additional selections from those on reserve at the library. The journals will be due when you turn in your final exam on the last day of class. They must be typed with 1” margins. Each must be one page in length, double-spaced.

Begin with a brief summary. BRIEF. Then, continue with lens analysis: using one of the lenses (or approaches) you are exposed to, analyze the text. For example, perhaps you read Batman: The Dark Knight and decide to use the psychological lens to analyze the work. You select a psychological theory (Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, for example) and you would determine which stage each of the characters seems to be at. (Interestingly enough, even though characters are three dimensional, they are often caught up in one of the conflicts Erikson discusses in his stages of psychosocial development. Batman, for example, might be caught up in stage 1: trust vs. mistrust. He’s not an infant, but he still seems to be caught up in that conflict, as well as several others.

comic book should not include:

“The killing joke”

“sandman: preludes and nocturnes”

“V for Vendetta”

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